Golden Collection: story and features



A tribute to our heritage: the Golden Collection

Our creative storytelling through fashion

The Golden collection embodies the sweet spot between distressed and sartorial looks, encapsulating the eclectic spirit of Golden Goose's heritage. Among the staples of the collection is the iconic leather jacket, characterized by a lived-in finish that simulates wear and tear through by-hand artisanal distressing. 

Each stud is hand-applied, while duct tape appliqués add character and depth to its shabby-chic appearance, evoking the makeshift repairs skateboarders resort to, to fix their boards and shoes. Pieces like the double-breasted blazer, on the other hand, embody the collection’s sartorial spirit, while also expressing the brand’s playful and spontaneous side: the lining of this particular item features a printed message, serving as a secret between the parts. 

Featured as a staple element in everything from shirts to pants, denim plays a pivotal role in the collection. We have deliberately removed the brand patch from some of our models’ waistband to reveal the original fabric color, by recreating a contrasting effect with the post-wash hue. Encompassing all aspects of both the manufacturing process and the treatments involved, each piece tells a different story that we want to share with Golden Lovers and the rest of the world. 

The Golden Collection in your day-to-day life

The Golden collection also incorporates utility wear and military-inspired styles, as well as unique patterns that arise from continuous exploration: from animal prints to designs featuring our star logo, alongside paisley patterns reimagined from our Archive bandanas. 

The collection draws from the past, as well as the brand’s muses and their far-reaching influence, as a source of inspiration, while promising a long-lasting impression - forever, for you.