The spirit of the artist
We’re celebrating everyone’s creativity and artistic journey.
An ode to The Spirit of the Artist that lies in each of us and makes us create our own unique perfection.
Every artist’s one-of-a-kind vision is presented through
a unique visual representation,
different from all others,
reflecting that particular talent's soul and creative direction.
From the art of craftsmanship to that of music, cinema, dance,
and many others, we celebrate imperfect beauty,
challenging the ideal that perfection has only one meaning
and is universally defined.
William Chan is a multidimensional artist spanning acting and music,
representing a true-to-self creative soul constantly looking for authentic
self-expression while breaking boundaries within the world of arts.
We recreated a visual representation of his energy, conveyed through ripples of the sounds waves coming from his drum set.
A passion
that can’t stay silent
Xie Xin uses dance as a form of communication with herself.
She creates choreographies that showcase her fluidity not only in movement,
but also in her inner dimension - the inspiration behind the blurred visual representation of her images.
Give a shape
to that impelling spirit
you have inside
Hip-Hop Artist
Simon Dominic is a beloved hip-hop artist and extraordinary talent.
He creates sounds from memories and infuses them with a contemporary approach: as in an analogic overlay of pictures,
creating a whole with all his facets – past and present.
Trust in
your own path
Lip J
Lip J is a professional dancer that has swapped strictly choreographed routines
for a freer style of dance,
which allows her to improvise more and connect to her emotions in that moment.
And it’s this contemporary trait of her dance style that conveys her distinctive sinuosity and fluidity, as visually explored.
something new,
More than unique,
Always yours
Different talents exploring all shades of the artistic journey,
going beyond expectations to create their own path.

This is what The Spirit of the Artist is about.

This is what we stand for.
Craft your own perfection
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