episode 4

Episode #4

What’s hiding behind the door? Release your inhibitions, embark on a dreamy journey.

It’s time to discover the next chapter of our adventure. If you enjoyed the sparkling worlds behind the first three rooms, you cannot miss the chance to enter a new level of fun and excitement.

What are you waiting for? 

Blue Energy

Blue Room

Get inspired by the serene and sophisticated atmosphere of the Blue Room. Don’t be shy, join the Golden Family and live the holiday season at its best. Immerse yourself in a charming world of glamour and effortless refinement.

Let yourself be surprised

woman gift selection

Gifts Woman

Impress those you love this season. Luxury knitwear, iconic sneakers, beautifully crafted accessories… we have you all covered. Are you in love with timeless sophistication? You’re in the right place. Explore our selection. 

Bags & Accessories

Add a touch of sparkle. Our bags are designed to give a fresh twist to every outfit. With metallic effects and shimmering details, they bring some serious glamour to the everyday life.
bags & accessories selection

Women's Sneakers SEE ALL

College Chic

Find out your winter uniform.

Inspired by an Ivy League mood, we channeled a preppy look through plush knits, casual-chic bomber

jackets and impeccably cut sartorial designs in a timeless color palette of winter whites, blue and rust. 

Graduate your style

Golden gift
Golden gift



Bet on a wow effect this Holiday season! Surprise your loved ones with something special and unique. 

Dream big… At Golden, magic happens.

man gift selection

Gifts Man

Everyone needs to indulge into some good pleasure. Explore our selection of gifts dedicated to the boys of your life. If you are looking for a small present or a five-star surprise, here you will definitely find something special. 

Men's Sneakers SEE ALL

Men's Clothing

It’s time to dream big. Elevate your style game with our beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted men’s staples. They will help you navigate the everyday life with a positive, winning attitude.
man gift collection

Men's Accessories SEE ALL

kids collection

Kids Collection

Why waiting for the adulthood to look cool? Little ones deserve the best when it comes to style. Our kid’s collection combines cutting-edge design and comfort functionality conceived for children who have nothing to envy to their parents. 

Gift Ideas

Every gift needs to be special!

Our curated selection is conceived to meet all your needs and expectations.

Surprise your lovers this Holiday season. 

No Tricks, Just Treats

Find your guilty pleasure

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