A new season unfolds with lighthearted adventures in nature, the bliss of games, creativity soaring, and simply being together.

Moments together emerge as a daydream; feel the warm breeze while running in open fields, away from the reality of the city.

Showing their dreams to the world

The imaginings of girls and boys light up the world, one game (and one dream) at a time.


Style, versatility and comfort: Back to School made easy with Golden Goose

For boys and girls, going back to school means leaving behind long summer days spent at the beach or in the mountains, and the freedom to play and explore the world around them. But the first day at school is exciting too: catching up with old friends, seeing how they have grown and changed, and being ready to start a new journey, where they will learn new things, but that will also bring adventure, friendship, sport and fun. 

What to wear on the first day of school? To get back to class with just the right touch of elegance, practicality and freedom, it’s important to choose comfortable, thoughtfully designed shoes and clothes. 

How to make elementary school clothing fun and comfortable? Focus on comfortable sweatshirts, with or without a hood, T-shirts in neutral colors but with fun prints, and stretch jeans. As for middle school clothing, why not opt for knee-length dresses and patterned shirts, loose pants and extra-large jackets? Coolness and comfort are guaranteed. Lastly, back to school outfits wouldn’t be complete without sneakers: practical, comfortable, but cool too: choose the style that best expresses the wearer’s personality.