An artisanal approach and a range of services created to lengthen

your products' lifecycle for a more responsible future.

That’s what our new Forward Stores revolve around. That's why We Care.

Our Calzoleria and Sartoria services:


With our Repair service, you have the chance to fix, replace, and refurbish the pieces you want to keep with you forever, lengthening their lifecycle and reducing the environmental impact.


Give new life to your items by enriching them with special applications and treatments, turning them into unique 1OF1 creations - just for you.


Select your Golden creations you want to give a second life to, showcase them in our dedicated area, and allow them to embark on a new journey with their next owner.


One small action, many big changes: reduce waste by recycling the products you no longer wear. In partnership with ReCircled, we will make sure that your items are put back to use.

Thanks to these services, we give new life to your beloved items and make them last longer,

promoting a more circular and sustainable economy.

Our Forward Stores

Milan - Cusani

Dubai - Emirates Mall

New York - SoHo

A new home

for innovation

Our Forward Stores are where tradition and progress come together, where we take care of you and your most beloved items, making their lifecycle last longer and their environmental impact lower.

Places where craftsmanship and innovation become the protagonist: as in our Yatay Model 1B, our bio-based sneaker and step toward a more sustainable future.

Hydroponic Garden

A new way of farming without the use of soil, 

now in our store too, 

bringing our sustainable approach one step forward.

Come and meet the Future