Milan’s Rinascente is Yatay

Starting from the windows on Corso Vittorio Emanuele and arriving inside with a dedicated pop-up,

we invite you to discover the Yatay world and our commitment to innovation and sustainability.


October 13th - Federica Ruzzi

Forward Agenda next step

Join a conversation about sustainable innovation with our Chief Sustainability Officer.

October 20th - Umberto De Marco

Story of the Yatay startup

Join a conversation about the value of using bio-based and recycled materials with the founder of Yatay & President of Coronet.

October 22nd - Marco Neroni

The design of Yatay Model 1B

Join a conversation about our new concept of style & sustainability with Our Head of FTW & Accessories Design.

Products designed to last over time

Our step towards a more sustainable future. Discover our Yatay Model 1B: 

animal-free, long-lasting, and low environmental impact sneakers crafted with bio-based and recycled materials.

Keep on Moving Forward with us.

Come and meet us