The importance of craftsmanship and Made-in-Italy



Made in Italy as the cornerstone of our identity

Despite a global presence spanning over 23 countries, Golden Goose’s roots remain deeply planted in Italy, more specifically Venice - the cradle of the fashion brand, as well as the place where founders Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo’s creative endeavour panned out, with the support and ability of highly-skilled Venetian artisans. 

Production-wise, we have renewed our choice to be fully based in Italy, for over two decades. We believe in upholding high standards of quality and nurturing the unique expertise of our artisan maestros. The heart of our supply chain remains unaltered, comprising professionals who continue to refine their craft and enhance their skills relentlessly. 

When Italian artisanal heritage and international influences blend in

Many of our most iconic pieces were inspired by overseas travels, but the real magic happened because of our Venetian artisans, who made these creations possible. Thus, our specific recipe brings an international twist to our quintessentially Italian style, in keeping with the excellence and quality that only the Made-in-Italy label embodies and offers. 

The uniqueness of each sneaker relies on the extensive craftsmanship of the manufacturing process. We ensure that manual skills and artisanal techniques stay at the forefront of production, translating into timeless, exceptional quality.