Ball Star: Roll with time

A Timeless life filled with authentic passions to keep forever with you, bridging the gap between now and then. 

A journey through the Ages

A sneaker inspired by the Eighties. Our iconic Ball Star stands out in every era with its

American college vibe and authentic feel, accompanying you through any moment,

through a hoop shot and a skateboard ride.

Starting off in 1980

In a basketball playground in Brooklyn, New York, with a funky bass guitar exploding from the boombox

and a future pro basketball player kid jumping high and scoring with his favorite Ball Star on his feet.

GoldenGoose - A flip into 2022
GoldenGoose - A flip into 2022
A flip into 2022

We are suddenly on a skateboard rolling through the streets of Manhattan. And on top of it, a music producer
taking us into his world.

Back to 1993

Groove & The Folks with their Roll with time take us back: one of their concert flyers laying

on the ground next to the Ball Star of a street artist, working on her latest creation - drawing inspiration

from the band’s album as in a continuous talk between decades and people who will never meet. 

GoldenGoose - A flip into 2022
GoldenGoose - A flip into 2022
Now, future:

An elegant, eclectic art gallery owner, getting ready to inaugurate her latest exhibition Roll with time.