Yatay Model 1B: the sustainable sneaker that combines craftsmanship and innovation



The future looks great on you!

Our sustainable sneakers are kind to the Planet

The innovative material, from which the upper is crafted, is not the only outstanding feature of the Yatay. Every component has been designed according to a circular model. The sole is made of biodegradable rubber, whereas other parts of the shoe are made from recycled materials, including cotton, polyester for the laces, and polyurethane for the tongue and insole. 

The packaging has also been designed in keeping with circular consumption and production: the shipping box is the same box the shoes originally come in. Moreover, the packaging is made of up to 50% FSC-certified recycled paper from controlled salvage sources, supporting responsible forest management. 

Wearing Yatay protects the environment

We have taken an even greener stride towards a more eco-minded future: each box features a QR code that provides access to our sustainable initiatives, including the chance to plant a tree in an area of the world needing reforestation, in partnership with Treedom. Last but not least, the left heel of each shoe features a unique code, allowing the Yatay’s owner to join our Golden Forest with their dedicated tree. 

By raising awareness among all Golden Lovers through fashion and our commitment to sustainability, we actively work to reduce our footprint, and see the Yatay as a sneaker that brings us closer to our vision of a responsible, innovative future.