Starting from an icon to reach new heights - those of a skateboarding pool. With our Ball Star Pro, we reframe one of our most timeless creations under a new, technical light.

Dreamed up and engineered with skateboarder Cory Juneau, who brought it to the 2020 Olympic Podium,

this professional sneaker starts a unique journey across four cities,

infusing each drop with their own identity.

First Drop:


The deep red hues of Milan's sunsets reflected on the elegant city's buildings, now enclosed in this suede upper. Available in a numbered edition 1/100. Designed not to be missed.

For Skate-


Use Only

Our Ball Star Pro features specific white knurled rubber supports for durability. The ultra-cushioned insole reduces the impact and gives an unprecedented board feel.

Four stories, four cities, four drops

From Milan to Copenhagen, all the way to Austin and Portland.

Our vibrant journey with Cory Juneau has just started.

Stay tuned and continue travelling with us.

Drop 2: Copenhagen

Drop 3: Austin

Drop 4: Portland

Watch now the first episode of our journey

with Cory Juneau. First stop: Milan.