Perfect Imperfection

Perfect Imperfection

Golden Goose stems from our founders’ love for research, travelling, the works of art that they encountered on their journeys, vintage items and distinctive local features. Every discovery serves as inspiration and every inspiration has become a dream that has taken concrete form in our visual diary.

Our research is closely tied to the feeling of experience that we have recreated in our collections with manual processes and artisan constructions.

The aim of the vintage flavour is to evoke memories like a postcard from the past, or the sensation when you look at an old garment that’s ripped and you think about how it happened.

Our sneakers epitomize all of Golden Goose’s core qualities, encapsulating our values and ideals: products with no limits in time and space that are designed for people who are passionate, those who support dreams and discoveries, and those who are curious and always open to new frontiers.

Behind all of our sneakers is a dream that started in Venice in the hands of our artisans and continues to roam across the globe, gathering knowledge and stories thanks to Golden Goose lovers.

We want to bring our dreams to life and make every product unique. We love stories, especially real ones: the tale in our visual diary is told by the stops on our journey.


Superstar sneakers were Golden Goose’s first prototype. These iconic products present a chic take on everyday footwear. Versatile and suitable for everyone, they owe their success to their sophisticated design, which is given a special touch by our hand-processed concept.


There is an American vibe in this outspoken tribute to the world of skateboarding. Slide sneakers stand out thanks to their glamorous looks and their exclusive processing and colouring: a 100% skating take on streetwear and urban style.






We’ve taken our most classical styles and given them a fresh twist in the form of a handy camera bag: this new addition to the bag range was conceived as an everyday essential.

Star Bags are made of soft, prized calfskin. They come with a smartphone pocket on the front and an exclusive sneakers charm on the side that adds a playful touch to the sophisticated design.

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