Embrace your own Space

Your new moment to detach from reality and fly as never before.

Enveloped in that incredible feeling of lightness since the very first second, unleashing the boldest version of yourself.

And finally untie your style, free your mind.

The Golden Audacity

The world around you softly falling silent. The rise of that sensational lightness giving avant-garde boldness. And since the first moment, you forget about your surroundings and get back to where you belong - feeling your whole self from head to toe. Extending that moment to the whole day, widening that unique Space to the whole world.

The overture to lightness

It’s like a circle, you know, that never stops and never ends. People running, events chasing one another, lights bursting like falling stars.

But no matter this overwhelming hurry, I must find my true self, get my own Space. Clear and cozy, the launch pad from which I start my own flight.

A brand new era

With the soft shearling lining, our Space-Star are characterized by the extra-cushion sole and insole padded with memory foam, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort starting from the very first step. Always under the light of our distinctive traits - like the iconic star on the upper and our lived-in signature. Next to the tobacco-colored suede version, new colorways are now available: in leopard-print pony skin, silver glitter, and quilted black nylon. Embrace them all.

The rise of boldness

Feeling this incredible urge to come back to myself, to my own Space, whether it be with an action, with a memory or dream, with four walls filled with that song or with the sky above my head and the complete silence as companion.

Everything starts to get blurry, irrelevant, and I feel comfortable as never before.

The freedom of the mind

Almost like underwater… the world, everything, just fades away.

And I detach from reality, flying above noises and clouds. Finding my center in this multitude of multitudes. And I keep this feeling very close to me, you know, in every step of mine. Extending that moment to the whole day, widening that unique Space to the whole world.