The Golden Culture

We want to deliver a brighter future for the next generations

while remaining faithful to our heritage.

Enabling everyone to share their hopes and ideas.

We innovate, craft, care, and share. Together. With you.

We don't claim to have all the answers straight away.

What matters is to move forward,

towards changes - that's how we make our dreams come true.

The Forward Agenda. Together. With You.

We Innovate

Embracing new technologies and using low impact materials. Creating products designed to last.

We Care

Welcoming everyone to be part of our community. Making sure our products will be timeless and reducing impact on the planet.

We Craft

Creating handmade products with love, committing to responsible manufacture, and tracing transparency.

We Share

Enabling people’s stories. Making everyone part of the change with kindness by devoting time and value.

Our Forward


The Forward Agenda is our sustainability vision tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing the world, moving forward towards positive changes.

Many different goals to meet, just one way to do it: together with you.

Flick through our

sustainable journey

Our first Sustainability Report, the story of a journey. 

One step at a time towards a better future. Together with you.