A collection that encompasses our unique and timeless DNA,

created to remain with you every day through thick and thin, under sun or rain.

A journey backwards, drawing from our archive, faithful to our origins but aimed at the present, the future.


The Materials Choice

More than surfaces, they are life companions.

More than materials, they are canvases on which to write the story of your life, day after day.

More than one Star: two, always with you

The Tailoring Roots

We were born with an idea in our minds,

with a style made of opposites, matching sneakers with a double breasted jacket,

giving life to an effortless yet unique attitude.

A fundamental element of our origins: our Tailoring Roots are seen far and wide.

Craftsmanship down to the last detail: Romanticism in a Postage Stamp

The Lived-in Signature

Injecting life in what we do, giving space and a stage to everyone's story.

In Golden, we believe in Perfect Imperfections, in the art of keeping a story alive,

of continuing its chapters every day, every moment.

Unique surprises to discover, button after button

The Handcrafted Sparkle

The unexpected light that brightens any look. The glamorous touch that gives any item a sparkling soul.

With craftsmanship at the center, we enrich our creations with a timeless light of style.

The patterns Uniqueness

There are stories that have a precise shape and a unique past - stories that never end and always fill the sight.

These are our patterns, marked by uniqueness and born from the constant and endless research that distinguish us.