dad-star gif

 A timeless piece, designed to be passed on from generation to generation.


The dusty trunk in the attic full of bits and bobs turns into a time machine that teleports a dad back in time to distant memories of his youth. Background music is playing from an old-fashioned record player and a scruffy vinyl becomes the perfect soundtrack to the stories that resurface in the father's mind at the electrifying sight of his old sneakers, companions of many adventures. 

dad-star gold
dad-star gold

Pass it on.

After all, memories are happier when shared.


The Dad-Star stays true to our design, maintaining all the key elements like the signature star emblem that decorates the sides, the GGDB logo on the tongue and the distressed laces in ice color.


The yellowed effect on the midsole comes from the idea of hanging the sneakers in the sunlight to create the distinctive vintage shade of the foxing, and together with the distressing finish, make the Dad-Star the embodiment of artisanal craftsmanship.


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