From Venice to Venice: our Journey with Cory Juneau

The cities of our path, story and roots - all traveled through again together with the pro skateboarder Cory Juneau.

A collaboration that goes deep into this young dreamer's incredible journey, making you see the world from his angle - always from the top of a skate bowl coping.

Three chapters, three incredible steps in this unique journey of dreams and authenticity. Hold tight and enjoy the ride.

Chapter 2: Be Younique

Unfolding Cory's most authentic self, his deepest thoughts and emotions. Taking you into his heart and mind, sharing his dreams, fears and ambitions. 

With an eye on Tokyo, a younique deep dive into Cory's everyday journey towards it.

Chapter 1: A Dreamer from Venice

A day in Cory Juneau's life, an immersive tale to unveil his story and to discover how skateboarding became his biggest passion. A captivating episode that goes beyond the common scene, beyond the common said, in order to discover how his dream came true - and to celebrate imperfections.

No Spoiler, Stay Tuned

Inspiring, moving, stunning. This journey of love is not over yet. Stick around to discover the last chapter of From Venice To Venice.