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Yatay Model 1B sustainable sneakers with white bio-based upper and silver recycled glitter Y

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Being forward-thinking, working today for our tomorrow. Made of bio-based materials, our innovative Yatay Model 1B is a further stage of this responsible journey we have been living – together with you. With a white upper in Yatay B, a bio-based material derived from non-food plant sources, this highly durable animal-free sneaker with low environmental impact features a silver recycled glitter Y to symbolize the principle of circularity, running along the shoe from one side to the other. The biodegradable sole is made by hand-engraving every print, making each piece unique and giving it our unmistakable lived-in signature. Printed white on white, the left heel tab features a unique code, the key to accessing our sustainable initiatives. Move Forward with us.

Item No. GUF00453.F004015.11325 GUF00453.F004015.11325
  • White upper in Yatay B, a bio-based material derived from non-food plant sources
  • Lining with viscose base derived from ethical sources
  • Silver recycled glitter Y
  • White right heel tab with heat-stamped logo
  • White left heel tab with heat-stamped unique code
  • White cotton and polyester laces
  • Sole in lived-in white biodegradable rubber

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Designed to reduce waste. Completely recyclable, this box is made of up to 50% recycled FSC® paper coming from controlled pulping and recycling mill sources supporting responsible forest management. But this was not enough for us. We changed the common rules and united the shipping and packaging boxes in one single pack to create a 100% non-waste box. And yet, it was still not enough: thanks to the QR Code inside, you gain access to our Golden Forest, where you can plant your unique tree and take part into our sustainable mission.

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