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Journey Essence Eau de Parfum Set

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A journey of passion through the high notes and great moments of life, beholding each step of the way and learning from every place. Six cities, each with its own story and beauty - each with its own Essence. Breathing in Japan’s pungent nature, walking around the streets of Seoul, living a night’s dream in Los Angeles, discovering Beijing’s aromatic soul, beholding Venice’s canals and its unique surroundings, falling in love with the timeless beauty of Paris - all at once.

Item No. 8050235265349 8050235265349
  • Eau de Parfum Fragrances
  • Tokyo Essence
  • Seoul Essence
  • Beijing Essence
  • Los Angeles Essence
  • Venice Essence
  • Paris Essence
  • Size: six fragrances of 15 ml each

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