We started our journey as a dream.

A dream that head off from Venice and went far as the skate parks of Los Angeles.

It was the answer to our need to tell stories and share our experiences. We got inspired from  places all around the world, we collected memories and ideas and turned them into our idea of style.

This is why craft and manual touches are crucial for us.

This is why our Italian heritage is and will always be

at the core of the brand.

A dream combination

We merged this concept with our traditions as artisans, expressing our experiences through the warmth of a hand crafted item. The result is a real, true, authentic product - one of a kind and destined to last forever.

We have a firm will to preserve traditional craft,

making it of the moment, channeling

the warmth of the artisanal hand

through perfect imperfections.


Our family is ingnited by energy, positivity, and shared values. We let each individual's creativity flows, we put our trust in each other and in our dreams.

Everybody can be a part of this: being Golden means sharing these ideals and making them your own.

This is who we are and what we represent: a patchwork of stories, memories, and experiences that bring us together.

In our family, we want everything to be

as non-perfect as possible.

Life is not perfect. We inject life into what we do.