The Week's Drop:

Hi Star, Glitter Star

Double height and an iconic design for this white leather model

that features a silver glittered star and a dove-gray nubuck heel tab.

Created to enlighten your everyday style.

Our Gift Selection

Fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and high quality materials:

discover the new selection of items designed for the ones you love.

Essences Collection:

an olfactive journey through six cities,

each with its own story and beauty - each with its own Essence. 

Soft Atmosphere

Your Co-Creation Experience

There’s no limit to your creativity.

With the help of our Sneakers Makers, seize the chance to share your story, dreams,

and emotions and co-create 1OF1 items - truly yours.

Golden World

A new way of thinking sustainably

Our new Forward Store in Dubai

An artisanal approach and a range of services created to lengthen your products' life cycle. That’s what our new Forward Stores revolve around. Now opening also in Dubai in the renowned Mall of the Emirates, the store is the ultimate tribute to sustainability and to our first headquarters in Marghera, Venice.

A new way of thinking sustainably


Made of bio-based and recycled materials, our Yatay Model 1B Sneaker is our step toward a more responsible future. Scan the QR Code printed inside the packaging or on the sneakers' fussbett to plant your unique tree in our Golden Forest, follow its story, and the environmental benefits it brings to the local community.

A new way of thinking sustainably

We Care

More than products: an artisanal approach and a range of services with the ambition of lengthening the products life cycle. That’s what our new Forward Store revolves around - that’s why We Care. Opening its doors in Milan, on its historical first retail location of Via Cusani, the first co-action store for a responsible future. Together, with you.

A new way of thinking sustainably


A united action for a common goal. Merging with the renowned Italian R&D provider Coronet, we keep on nurturing our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and scalability. Embracing progress and using low impact materials - designing products to last over time.


A new way of thinking sustainably

Move Forward With Us

The Forward Agenda is our sustainability vision tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing the world, moving forward towards positive changes. Many different goals to meet, just one way to do it: together with you.


Exclusive Services


With the Pick up in Store service, you can order the desired products from the wide and complete offer of our website and ship them to the store you prefer. A Sales expert will be there for you offering a very special assistance.