Merging with the renowned Italian R&D supplier Coronet, we keep on nurturing our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and scalability.

One of the steps of this responsible journey is marked by the development and usage of the most advanced technologies and bio-based compounds.

Embracing progress and using low impact materials - designing products to last over time.

Golden Goose & Coronet Launch Yatay

A unique synergy, made of artisanal expertise and avant-garde vision. A Made in Italy co-action platform for sustainable innovation.

That's what we do, by infusing our human touch in technical cutting-edge innovation - the key element of our impactful partnership with Coronet,

leader in the research and production of animal-free, bio-based, and recycled materials.

We create innovation and we provide positive social and economic impact, all while maintaining the lowest possible environmental footprint.

This partnership will allow continuous testing phases, directly verifying the results on our products, collecting our Golden Lovers' opinions,

and subsequently letting the innovation become available for other luxury players. 

Our Sustainable Materials


The materials chosen for this collaboration are vegan, animal-free, and handcrafted in Italy - top-notch on the market.

Yatay equals innovation, a new revolutionary trademark of animal-free, non-food derived

bio-based fabric - YatayTMB: the perfect combination of green technical performance and cutting-edge aesthetics.

This is our step forward - to create a better future, for everyone.

Yatay Model 1B Sneaker:

Concrete Progress

From vision to facts: our Yatay Model 1B Sneaker

is the celebration of Yatay's sustainable innovation.

Produced using recycled and bio-based materials,

it ensures a long-lasting lifecycle and a low impact on the environment,

enclosing within itself the key to access our responsible actions -

and bring new life to our planet.


A new Co-Action: when artisanal tecnique

and innovation come together

Embrace our Vegan World

These sneakers are 100% animal free and the upper is composed by bio-based materials.

Step into our Sustainable World

Meet our Yatay Model 1B Sneaker: an animal free, long lasting, and low environmental impact sneaker crafted with bio-based and recycled materials.

Embrace our Low Impact World

For at least 30% of their weight, these garments are composed of certified materials, recycled, bio-based, and/or from responsible sources.

There is no innovation

without people