Journey Collection

A collection that brings to life a unique journey in search of our true home, Nature. A story that begins with the natural elements and takes shape through textures, colors and intimate emotions. From materials to patterns, from artisanal techniques to artistic illustrations, our Journey Collection starts a new chapter in our aesthetics - always infused with the Golden touch.

Back to Nature

Following a new sensational path to reconnect with yourself through nature. Four natural elements, each one with its own features and souls, that take you on an intimate journey into yourself. Embrace the wild, enjoy the ride.

Water: the Universal Poem

The sweet smell of rain throwing you back into old memories and becoming the warmest of cosmic hugs.

And suddenly you get lost in the bright past when the ground was trembling and you were steady.

Here comes a raindrop on your skin that warms you up like the unexpected sunrays during a long snowy winter. And it feels like home: peaceful and quiet.

Clear and soft, Slips through the fingers,

as a past memory when borders fade

Air: the Infinite Lightness

Reclaim your mind and your senses, listen to your breathing and achieve a peaceful awareness. Remember the wind blowing and the leaves delicately moving, the dry taste of air on your lips and the sound of your sleeping soul awakening. A beautiful thought invades every fiber of your body; and you stand still as the world goes on.