Golden Goose S.p.A. undertakes to take the necessary measures and make all possible efforts to make its website inclusive and accessible to all of its lovers. It also invites users to call customer care if they encounter any difficulties in accessing the website or making use of its functions.

We work constantly to offer our customers the best possible experience on our website, irrespective of the technology available to them or their skill level.

Guidelines and standards

Our website complies with W3C standards for HTML and CSS and is based on the WAI-ARIA standard to be compatible with web browsers and with any assistive technology or plug-ins installed on the computer. 

Compliance status

Our website is substantially compliant with WCAG level 2.1 AA.

We scrupulously commit to resolving any problems that may arise on our website, despite meticulous controls and precise planning for all content updates

Through daily internal audits, we make an effort to improve our accessibility and meet the needs of our users. Our employees are appropriately trained to handle accessibility problems, and our team recognises that making our website accessible is a priority for our company.


Certain accessibility limitations may still be identified despite our best efforts and our goal to provide equivalent functionality to all users.

We strongly encourage our third-party suppliers to provide content accessible to all users; however, we do not control the content that they publish. We will forward all reports received to them and request the immediate resolution of any problems.


If there are any problems linked to viewing or navigating the website, please contact Customer Service .

Please send us any questions, feedback or advice on content or functionalities that require improvement. All feedback received will help us to identify any existing problems and discover new solutions to further improve the accessibility of our website.