Origin and story of the Golden Goose skateboard sneakers  



The Ball Star Pro: the sneaker for skate people

4 Ball Star Pro, 4 cities, 4 different stories

Exhibiting the same meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail we are renowned for, the Ball Star Pro are professional-grade sneakers. They feature diamond-textured rubber elements for durability and ultra-cushioned shock-absorbing insoles to reduce impact and enhance both your sporting edge and overall skateboarding experience. 

The four models differ only in the skating hubs they reference, specifically, Milan, Copenhagen, Austin, and Portland. 

Ball Star Pro Milan

Crafted in red and white tones, this is the first city-inspired Ball Star Pro limited edition, modeled after Milan’s dynamic, fashion-forward vibe. The urban layout and its public spaces become spontaneous playgrounds for skaters. These sneakers evoke the social aspects of skateboarding, such as meeting new people and enjoying unforgettable cityscapes.

Ball Star Pro Copenhagen

A renowned skate-friendly city, Copenhagen is deeply devoted to the environment and green spaces. These sneakers draw inspiration from the reflections of buildings in the city's numerous canals.  

Made from green suede with white details, these sneakers create a mirror-like effect that is captured in the duplicated Golden Goose logo, evoking the reflections in the water. 

Ball Star Pro Austin

Known for its vibrant skateboarding scene, the capital of Texas is the third urban muse in Cory Juneau’s collaboration, embodying vitality, freedom, a desire for fun, and a rebellious spirit. 

Featuring a white nappa leather upper with worn-in brown leather and ivory leather details, these sneakers capture a classic Texan diner vibe with their ‘Golden Grill’ tongue label, white and red star-printed insole, and exclusive extra laces packaged like a ketchup sachet. 

Ball Star Pro Portland

The final Ball Star Pro model draws direct inspiration from another iconic American city: Portland. Crafted from cream-colored nappa leather with honey-yellow accents that echo the city's flag, these sneakers incorporate unique local elements into their design. The sole is adorned with a rose, Portland’s official flower, while the tongue label features a reimagined version of the city's famous motto ‘Keep Portland Weird’ - changed to ‘Keep Golden Weird’ - adding a distinctive touch that pays homage to Portland's unique culture and identity. 

New pro skater collaborations

Building on the success of our city-inspired limited edition Ball Star Pro sneakers, we decided to pursue new collaborations with professional skateboarders, including Olympic champion Zhang Xin; skateboarder, model, and actress Briana King; skater and model Brooklinn Khoury, and Danish legendary skateboarder Rune Glifberg. 

Our collaborations feature a diverse and talented lineup of individuals, who have infused their distinct perspective and creativity into various Golden Goose sneaker models, from the Ball Star to the Mid Star, making every sneaker truly unique.