More than products: an artisanal approach and a range of services with the ambition of lengthening the products life cycle.

That’s what our new Forward Store revolves around - that’s why We Care. 

Opening its doors in Milan, on its historical first retail location of Via Cusani,

the first co-action store for a responsible future. Together, with you. 

Our Calzoleria and Sartoria services:


Anyone can bring sneakers and clothes for services of repairs and replacements, lengthening the products life cycle and reducing the impact on the planet.


For a new or a pre-owned product, you can choose from among different treatments such as distressing or embroidered and hand painted drawings, turning them into unique 1OF1 crafts.


Your Golden items will be showcased in a dedicated area of the store, ready to be passed onto their next owner to embark on a new journey with them.


You will find two recycling baskets in-store where you can dispose of any old products that you no longer want. In partnership with ReCircled, we will make sure that these items are put back to use.

Thanks to these services, we give new life to your beloved items and make them last longer,

promoting a more circular and sustainable economy.

A new home

for innovation

Our new Store via Cusani in Milan is a place where tradition and progress meet, where we take care of you and your most beloved items, making the lifecycle of each product longer and its environmental impact lower. Craftsmanship and innovation driven by uniqueness: our Yatay Model 1B is our step toward a more sustainable future.

Hydroponic Garden

A new way of farming without the use of soil, 

now in our store too, 

bringing our sustainable approach one step forward.

Come and meet the Future