woman restar collection
woman restar collection


Traveling with the mind to happy places, where positivity is spread and creativity shines. 

It’s time for a fresh start, under the sparkling Golden star.

Bold colors, uplifting wording and refined details: rooted in optimism, this collection is a message of pure joy imbued with our signature sense of craftsmanship through special treatments and iconic lived-in effects.

Let your imagination break free, embark on a new journey.

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woman new arrivals
woman new arrivals

New Arrivals


Express your distinctive personality by cherry-picking your perfect sneaker. Dream about tropical paradises with the camo-Hawaiian prints or embrace urban frisky rebellion with our graffiti-inspired extravaganza.

New arrivals


Dream, love, and creativity are the magic ingredients behind our magic Golden formula. Through an audacious combination of patterns, colors and materials, we gave a new twist to our versatile bags.

Golden Family