Golden Moments

Glimpses of life invading the room, glimpses of love permeating every day.

Each sneaker describes moments of reality, marking every instant with character and authenticity - just yours.

Timeless Boldness

A skateboard soul, different variations. When feeling punk and rebellious, there's our Slide taking you right down to Venice Beach between an ollie and a kickflip. For more versatile days, our Mid Star looks at skateboarding with an elegant eye.

Stories to wear every instant,

moments to share everyday

An Authentic Soul

The authenticity of your story lived with your favorite sneakers, the ones you've had forever that will never leave you. With that college atmosphere of the Eighties, our Ball Star takes you right there, at your favorite skatepark and on the basketball court.

A Nineties Dream

A decade that keeps on moving and inspiring.

Our Stardan sneakers come from those

unmistakable years under the light of basketball.

A glimpse of that glorious past to be worn everyday.