woman argentina collection
woman argentina collection

Argentina's COLLECTION

Our journey arrives in Argentina, in the land of silver, where in the flag we found a golden Star.

But it wasn't the mere symbolism that drove us there, but the deep cultural connection with Italy, the country we call home.

This collection is an ode to its magnificent landscapes, with the tones of the sunrise, the greens of the forest and dusty complexion of its arid deserts.

Come travel with us.​

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New Arrivals


We love the mix of styles, the surprises, and the contrasts. Our collections always revolve around unique features that are an inherent element in the manual touch of our artisans. Find out the new arrivals.

New arrivals


We keep reworking the classics, creating new classics. Like in the bag family, where we played with prints and colors for new, special styles.​

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