This collection revolves around the concept of exploration and Golden Goose has set it on the island of Hokkaido, which is at the northernmost end of Japan.
It tells a story of contrasts between people and nature, old and new: the wardrobe designed for this imaginary journey is based on the idea of a time capsule.
Divisions and clashes are represented by the mix of different materials and weaves. Great attention to detail has been shown in every single feature and the collection embodies all of the colours, sounds and smells that our explorer might experience on his adventure.
Rather than conquering foreign lands, the aim here is to pay tribute to different cultures: unshackled from stereotypes and gender-based dogma, we’ve investigated the nuances of what it means to be a modern man, with endless conflicting rules to follow. Merit, playfulness, warmth and sensitivity are at the heart of it all.

FALL2019 - MAN


A mix of materials and textures defines the iconic design of these Superstar sneakers. Made in cowhide leather and featuring a suede insert at the top of the upper and on the heel counter. Vintage finish.