We want to spend this Summer valuing the simplicity of the daily. A warm breeze messing up your hair while you’re reading a book, an afternoon ice cream that is just the best thing. This Summer we want to make every moment count, spending time together, in unison with nature, living life to the fullest. This is our Golden Resort.

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Enjoy the warm WEATHER

Our idea of summer is all about intimacy and enjoying the simplest things. Our selection is made of cozy dresses for her, and practical garments for him, perfect for enjoying the warm weather.

I love spending cozy Summer holidays.


From breezy summer dresses, to colorful beachwear garments. Our Summer women's selection makes the perfect companion for days spent down the seaside and nights at your favorite local spot.

I love running around carefree, playing hide and seek in my backyard.



Get your backpack on and head off for your Summer adventures. Make your trip to the seaside easy or choose to explore the nature. Our Summer men's selection is all about functionality, infused with exclusive fabrics and patterns.

I love staying up at night to watch the stars of a blue August sky.