Our guides offer evidence of the places that lit up our imagination, like a collection of tips we received during our trips.

The starting point where all our collections come from, and which ties them all together.


travel guide

The Travel Guide should be given as a gift, to collect and to browse through. It is perfect for enthusiastic travellers in search of new suggestions and iconic places, and for the lovers around the world over who dream through our adventures. Our journey is assembled in every guide, and it's a stop by stop retelling of the experience we enjoyed.


TOUR 2020

Our fall-winter 2020 collection might be viewed as an attempt to recapture that long lost connection. A sartorial reimagining of the true distance of time and geographical separation. This guide is our interpretation of an Argentina that very much exists, but with an eye on the sky and head in the clouds.

Argentina JOURNEY

We found ourselves in a place both completely new and vaguely familiar. A mix of reality and the imaginary which translated into neon-soaked nights in Buenos Aires followed by the impossible emptiness of the Salinas Grandes. Espresso at a Euro-style cafe for brunch contrasted by a guampa of maté next to a campfire at dawn.