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Welcome to the website of Golden Goose S.p.A., located at the ((hereinafter, the “Website”)。

歡迎瀏覽Golden Goose S.p.A. 的網站下稱“網站”)。

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, it applies every time you access the Website, irrespective of whether you purchase the products marketed therein.


Please note that this Privacy Policy is governed by European Regulation no. 2016/679 (hereinafter, the “Regulation”), and other data protection laws, where applicable. The Regulation ensures that personal data will be processed in accordance with the fundamental rights and liberties and dignity of the data subject, with particular reference to confidentiality and personal identity.


1. Data Controller 資料控制者

Golden Goose S.p.A., with registered office at Via Privata Ercole Marelli 10, Milan, Italy (hereinafter, GGDB)”) is the autonomous data controller with respect to the personal data of users browsing the Website, including browsing data, marketing and profiling data and data connected and correlated with sales made through the Website and the relative pre-sale and after sale activities.

Golden Goose SpA(其註冊辦事處位於意大利米蘭20139 埃爾科萊馬雷利私人街10號 )(下稱“GGDB”)是瀏覽網站的用戶的個人資料控制者,此等資料包括瀏覽數據、市場營銷和分析數據以及與通過網站進行的銷售及與售前售後活動相關的數據。

Please note that you may always exercise your rights (thereby including the right to request a complete list of the appointed data processors) by writing to the following email address:

請注意,您隨時可以發送電郵至 privacy@goldengoosedeluxebrand.com以行使您的權利(這包括要求獲得指定資料處理者的完整列表的權利)。

2. Type and purpose of processing carried out on the Website - Legal Basis for the Data Processing 網站上處理的資料類型和目的 – 資料處理的法律依據

Through the Website different types of personal data are collected and processed for different purposes and with different methods. More specifically:


(a) personal data relating to browsing, processed to allow the Website to function properly, as well as for marketing purposes. In this regard, please read the Cookie Policy present on the Website;

(a) 與瀏覽有關的個人資料,會經過處理以使網站能夠正常運行及以被用於營銷目的。 在這方面,請參閱網站上的 Cookie政策;

(b) personal data provided on a voluntary basis by the user (email address, telephone number, biographical details, password provided by completing the registration form) or otherwise provided while browsing the Website and/or through interaction with the customer care service made available by GGDB and processed to respond to user requests and offer the services, support and information requested in relation to the products and the GGDB world. Please note that signing up to and accessing the Website or the customer account through social networks involve the communication of certain data (Name, Surname, E-mail and any other data relating to the user and present on the same social network, which will in any case be listed to the user before their confirmation to proceed with authentication via the social network). This communication will in any case take place only after the explicit confirmation of the user's willingness to proceed before logging in. In some cases, the social networks require some feedback and information about the use of the log in. For further information please refer to the relevant privacy documentation made available by the social network;

(b) 用戶自願提供或者在瀏覽網站時和/或通過與GGDB提供的客戶服務互動時提供的個人資料(電郵地址、電話號碼、個人詳情、填寫註冊表格後提供的密碼),以及會獲經過處理以回應用戶要求及提供與商品和GGDB世界的服務、支援和資訊有關的個人資料。請注意,透過社交網絡登錄和瀏覽網站或客戶帳戶會涉及到某些數據的傳輸(姓名、姓氏、電郵以及任何與用戶有關並存在於同一社交網絡上的其他數據,而在任何情況下,在用戶確認通過社交網絡進行身份驗證之前,都會向用戶列出這些數據)。在任何情況下,此等傳輸只會在用戶登錄前明確地確認了其願意繼續進行的情況下才會發生。在某些情況下,社交網絡會需要一些有關登錄使用的反饋和資訊。請參閱社交網絡提供的相關私隱文件以獲取更多有關資訊;

(c) the personal data provided by the user during the purchase of products on the Website in order to complete transactions and for activities related and accessory to sales, as well as for all necessary pre-sale and after sale assistance;

(c) 用戶在網站上購買商品期間提供的個人資料,會被用於完成交易及與銷售有關或輔助銷售的活動,以及所有必要的售前售後協助;

(d) personal, biographical and contact data, processed by GGDB - with the user's express consent - for marketing purposes, i.e. in order to send the user (through traditional and electronic means such as newsletters, emails, SMSs, MMSs and smart messages) information and updates on products, sales, promotional campaigns, events and other initiatives promoted by GGDB or by its commercial partners;

(d) GGDB處理的個人、履歷和聯絡資料(在已獲得用戶的明確同意情況下),會被用於營銷目的,即為了向用戶(通過傳統及電子方式,例如通訊、電子郵件、SMS、MMS和智能訊息)發送有關商品、銷售、促銷活動、活動和其他GGDB或其商業夥伴的倡議的資訊和更新;

(e) personal data regarding purchases and any preferences expressed, processed by GGDB - with the user's express consent - in order to assess consumption habits and choices, so as to bring the products, initiatives and individual commercial offers more in line with the user's preferences and needs;

(e) 有關購物和任何獲表達的偏好的個人資料,且經GGDB(在已獲得用戶的明確同意的情況下)處理,會被用於評估消費習慣和選擇,從而使商品、倡議和個人商業優惠更符合用戶的偏好和需求;

(f) personal and contact data communicated by GGDB - with the user's express consent - to third parties belonging to the Lifestyle and Fashion categories for their own marketing activities.

(f) 個人和聯絡資料(在已獲得用戶的明確同意的情況下)會被GGDB傳輸至屬於生活方式和時尚類別的第三方以作該第三方自己的營銷活動。

With the exception of browsing data, governed by the Cookie Policy, the processing of personal data is based on:


      1. GGDB's legitimate interest in providing the Website services and responding to any customer requests, with reference to points (a) and (b);


      2. Fulfilment of the sale contract and the obligation to meet pre and post contractual obligations, for all activities under point (c);


      3. Any consent provided by the user for the purposes pursuant to points (b) - with exclusive reference to login via social network - and to points (d), (e) and (f)


3. Source of personal data 個人資料來源

The personal data collected by GGDB are provided directly by the user (by signing up on the Website or during the sale process), with the exception of the browsing data under point 2 (a) above, the data collected in case of login via social network as set forth under point 2 (b) above, and the sale data pursuant to point 2 (e) above.


4. Study of user consumption habits and choices 研究用戶的消費習慣和選擇

As specified in point 2 (e) above and with the user's express consent, GGDB may process the personal data of the user in order to assess consumption habits and choices, so as to bring GGDB’s products and initiatives more in line with its customers' preferences and needs.


With the support of automated means, GGDB will process data relating to the value and frequency of purchases, as well as the type of products purchased. Data concerning consumption and preferences may be collected not only by tracking purchases made on the Website and in GGDB stores, but also through the user’s interaction with GGDB and any information that the user may willingly provide. The sole objective of this research is to offer customers and users products, services and initiatives more suited to their preferences and needs. In this regard, please note that research on user and customer behaviour will take place with methods that do not invade the personal sphere. You may always ask for clarifications concerning the rationale applied to this processing and the modification of the results obtained by contacting GGDB using the contact information provided.


As specified in point 2 (a) above and with the user's express consent, GGDB may also process the user's personal data, using automated means, to study cookies in order to check browsing on the Website and offer products and services in line with browsing activities.


5.Methods used by GGDB to process personal data 處理個人資料的方法

The personal data collected through the GGDB Website are mainly processed with IT and electronic methods and means, adopting the security measures required to reduce to a minimum the risks of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the data, unauthorised access or processing that is not permitted or not compliant with the purposes of collection specified in this Privacy Policy.


However, such measures, due to the nature of online transmission, cannot limit or completely exclude any risk of unauthorised access or data dissemination. To such end, we advise you to periodically check that your computer is equipped with adequate software devices to protect the online transmission of data, both incoming and outgoing (such as updated antivirus systems) and that your internet service provider has adopted suitable measures to ensure the security of online data transmission (such as firewalls and antispamming filters).


6. Mandatory or optional nature of the provision of data 提供強制性或可選性資料

With the exception of browsing data (the provision and collection of which is governed by the “Cookie Policy”), the provision to GGDB of personal data collected through the Website to respond to user requests and queries as well as for marketing purposes, to study consumption habits and preferences and for communication to third parties is free, optional and facultative. Not providing data does not limit the use of the Website, however it may make it impossible for GGDB to respond to requests for information and queries, or send informational materials, updates, newsletters and invitations to GGDB events.


The provision of personal data, in particular personal details, email addresses, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and bank details (in case of payments with credit cards) is necessary to conclude the product purchase contract through the Website. Therefore, if the data is not provided, it may be impossible to complete the purchase through the Website.


Some of that data may also be necessary for the provision of other services available on the Website and related to sales (pre-sale and after sale services such as customisation services, etc.) or to fulfil obligations deriving from laws or regulations (tax requirements and anti-money laundering regulations). Failure to indicate the data could therefore constitute, depending on the case, a legitimate and justified reason not to execute the contract to purchase products on the Online Store and/or provide the related services.


When necessary, the mandatory or optional nature of the communication of the data will be indicated on a case by case basis, with the (*) character appearing alongside information that is required for the provision of services and for the purchase of products on the Website. Failure to provide the personal data indicated as optional will entail no limitation or disadvantage for the user.


7. Categories of recipients of personal data 個人資料接收者的類別

GGDB communicates the personal data of Website users only within the limits permitted by law and in accordance with what is specified below. In addition to what is set forth under point 2 b. (i.e. social network login), personal data may be known by:


      • GGDB's employees and advisors, who will operate as authorised data processors for the internal organisation of corporate activities;


      • companies of the same Group, which will operate as appointed data processors, in order to carry out contractual activities and services as well as to perform specific marketing activities (such as inviting the user to events, sending discounts, promotions, etc.);


      • 作爲資料處理者而為GGDB進行與網站相關的特定技術和組織服務(物流服務、資訊科技服務、客戶服務和營銷服務)的公司。

        companies that carry out for GGDB, as data processors, specific technical and organisational services connected to the Website (logistics services, IT services, customer care service and marketing services).

The personal data may also be known by: 個人資料亦可能被以下各方得悉:

      • third parties, only to execute the product purchase contract on the Website (such as the credit institution for the execution of remote electronic payment services using a credit/debit card);


      • police forces or judicial authorities, in compliance with the law and upon such subjects' formal request, or if there are justified reasons to believe that the communication of such data is reasonably necessary (1) to investigate, prevent or take initiatives relating to suspected unlawful activities or to support national control and supervisory authorities; (2) for the defence against any complaint or accusation from third parties, or to protect the website and the company's security; or (3) to exercise or protect the rights, property or security of GGDB, the companies of the same group, its affiliates, customers, employees or any other party.


      • Your data will not be distributed and will be transferred abroad only under guarantee of adequate levels of protection and safeguards for the protection of such data, in compliance with regulations in force. The data centres used by GGDB to process the data collected are located within the European Union. In order to allow the processing of data by the companies of the same Group for contractual and marketing purposes, the data will be transferred to the relevant countries (including countries outside the EU). In this regard, GGDB has entered into Standard Contractual Clauses with the subsidiaries having registered offices in countries outside the EU, in compliance with national and supranational regulations on personal data protection. The personal data may be transferred to IT service providers with registered offices and data centres located in countries outside the EU. Please note that, also in this regard, GGDB has entered into the necessary Standard Contractual Clauses with its providers in order to protect transferred personal data (having preventatively verified the security of the measures used by the providers as duly appointed data processors).


8. Period of retention of data 資料保存

The personal data collected for sale purposes are stored for as long as required to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, and in any event, this will not exceed 10 years from the purchase, in compliance with tax and civil regulations and without prejudice to particular judicial defence needs that may require storage for a longer period of time. The data provided by the user to request support, information and responses are stored for the period of time required to provide the response requested and to provide any subsequent additional communication with the customer necessary to fully manage the request and/or issue.


The personal data provided for marketing and profiling purposes are stored for the necessary period based on the specific processing and for up to a maximum of 7 years, also on the basis of the particular business sector (luxury products) and considering the interest displayed by the customer in receiving updates on products and events organised by GGDB.


For information about the period of storage and persistence of cookies, please review the Cookie Policy.

有關Cookie的保存期限和持久性的資訊 請查看Cookie政策.

9. Rights granted to the user by privacy laws 私隱法授予用戶的權利

Users always have the right to obtain the following from GGDB:


(i) confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them exists even if it is not yet recorded, and its communication in an intelligible form;

(i) 針對有關用戶的個人資料是否存在的確認,即使個人資料尚未被記錄,并且確認的通訊以可理解的形式進行;

(ii) 有關其個人資料來源,處理目的和方法的信息,在有電子工具支持下進行處理時適用的原因,資料控制者和資料處理者的詳情,當事人說明可以向其傳輸個人資料或可以其個人身份被告知的資料處理者類別,例如資料處理器或被授權處理該資料的當事人;

(ii) information concerning the origin of their personal data, the purposes and methods of processing, the rationale applied in the case of processing performed with the support of electronic means, the details of the data controller and data processors, an indication of the subjects and categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may be informed thereof in their capacity as, for instance, data processors or as subjects authorised to process the data;

(ii) 有關其個人資料來源,處理目的和方法的信息,在有電子工具支持下進行處理時適用的原因,資料控制者和資料處理者的詳情,當事人說明可以向其傳輸個人資料或可以其個人身份被告知的資料處理者類別,例如資料處理器或被授權處理該資料的當事人;

(iii) the updating, rectification or, where interested, the integration of the personal data;

(iii) 個人資料的更新、糾正或在必要時的整合;

(iv) the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of personal data processed against the law, including those for which storage is not necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed, as well as certification that the operations mentioned above were brought to the attention of those to whom the data were communicated, except for the case in which such action is impossible or implies use of means that are clearly disproportionate with respect to the protected right;

(iv) 取消個人資料,以匿名形式轉換或禁止針對依法處理的個人資料,包括那些與資料收集或其後處理目的不相關而無需保存的個人資料,以及上述操作已獲得資料通訊的對象的注意證明,(除了在這種行動無法被採取或在使用明顯與受保護權利不相稱的手段的情況下);

(v) the portability of their own data;

(v) 其資料的的可移植性;

(vi) the restriction of the processing of their personal data.

(vi) 對於處理其個人資料的限制。

Users also have the right to object in full or in part, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of their personal data, even if it is relevant for the purpose of their collection, and to revoke consent previously provided. The right to object and the revocation of consent may also be exercised specifically, with respect to one or more methods of sending marketing communications.


The rights listed above may be exercised by contacting [insert role] of GGDB, by writing to

用戶可以通過電郵至 privacy@goldengoosedeluxebrand.com與GGDB的[輸入職位]聯繫,以行使上述權利。

Lastly, please be reminded that users always have the right to make a complaint to the relevant competent Supervisory Authority (e.g. Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali – Italian Regulatory Authority for the Protection of Personal Data).

最後請注意,用戶始終有權向相關監督機關(例如意大利的個人資料保護監管機構Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali)作出投訴。


I have read the privacy notice [add link to privacy notice], and agree to the processing of my personal details so that Golden Goose S.p.A. can:

我已閱讀了私隱政策[輸入私隱政策的鏈接],並同意Golden Goose S.p.A處理我的個人資料,以便Golden Goose S.p.A. 可以:

[ ] send me commercial and marketing communications using traditional methods (such as post or telephone) or automated methods (such as email, sms, mms, or smart messages)

[ ] 使用傳統方法(例如郵寄或電話)或自動化方法(例如電郵,SMS,MMS或智能訊息)向我發送商業和營銷通訊

[ ] analyse my consumption preferences and choices, also using automated methods, in order to offer me products and services that are the best match for my taste and needs

[ ] 使用自動化方法分析我的消費偏好和選擇,以便為我提供最符合我的口味和需求的商品和服務

[ ] share my personal details with third parties working in Lifestyle and Fashion for their marketing needs

[ ] 與從事生活方式和時尚工作的第三方分享我的個人資料,以滿足他們的營銷需求

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