Golden Goose x Biennale

Golden Goose x Biennale

On occasion of the 58th International Art Exhibition in Venice, Golden Goose teams up with the Venice Pavilion creating an exclusive Stardan sneaker as a part of a work of art that, for the first time ever, transcends the boundaries of a Biennale Pavilion infiltrating the space throughout the city.

All painted in fluorescent yellow, some of the elements that over time have become symbols associated with the city - such as boats, souvenirs, masks, bricole, chains, and alley signs - act as an ever-present work of art that popups and surrounds the city during the Exhibition.

The exclusive Stardan sneaker allows whoever wears it to become an active, ever-evolving part of the performance itself by simply walking around the city.

It's a journey of discovery and fulfillment.
An ode to our city, and its most prominent exhibition.
And we invite you to be part of it.

The Limited Edition Stardan will be available exclusively at our Venice's Flagship Store.
Every sneakers come with an exclusive "1/200" poster and a QR code that enables further content of the collaboration.

Design of the Venice Lion by Bureau Mirko Borsche.