Message of Love

A tree trunk carved with a heart and the warm hug this never-ending dream called love gives you.

Do you remember us, nested on that rusty bench, all those endless summer nights?

Time washed out all the colors, wind wiped out our tiny secrets - but our Message of Love is still there.

We wrote it down, we made it last forever.


The Golden Bench comes back to surprise you, our lover, on Valentine’s Day.

Spread the love and write it down. As you used to.

message of love
message of love

Our Golden

Love Tale

To be someone's Star, to feel butterflies in your belly, to share and to give, to make your day shine by simply being together. Even in a laundromat, love has the power to make everything purely beautiful. This is (y)our Message of Love.

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love quote
love quote
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Your (he)art is the common factor

The Dream Maker Collection is a tribute to co-creation, to the value of making things together - write down your Message of Love and dedicate it to your loved ones.

Ball star tape
Ball star tape

Love along

every step of your way 

The final touch is up to you. Write down your Message of Love on these blue Ball Star sneakers with the Marker Tool and make it last forever. Let's go on a timeless journey together.

Sneakers Lover

Love is all around you. To celebrate it, we reinterpreted our iconic Super-Star sneakers with a style made of contrasts: the white leather upper meets the black maxi print for a bold but minimalist style.


of the world

We believe in the power of love that never ends. In the beauty of all being part of something, together. That’s why we want to keep celebrating it – all around the world. The Golden Bench comes back to surprise you, our lover. Spread the love and write it down. As you used to.


All Around the World

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bench in New York

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bench in Chengdu

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