Our new Space in Milan

An innovative retail concept. A space where physical meets digital.

A place where your story takes the spotlight, letting the experience revolve around you. Our new Golden TV space in Via Verri, Milan is now open.

Time to embark on a memorable, immersive journey.

The LAB & Co-Creation Room

When a futuristic approach meets the celebration of tradition: in this unique LAB space, the use of polished resin embellished with golden glossy graphics meets our Lived-in signature.

The Concrete Room

Paying tribute to the place of our origins, Marghera, and to our aesthetically industrial roots: this room matches raw concrete walls with mirrored silver displays, creating a unique contrast between artisanal collections and a work-in-progress state of mind.

The Mirror Floor

A unique staircase to get there and our Manifesto that accompanies you along the way. Housing our Star Collection together with our range of sneakers, the basement level is covered with mirrors to give it a futuristic vibe in contrast with the vintage soul of the visual tools.

The Golden Room

A space to immerse yourself in a Golden atmosphere. Covered with galvanized almond metal, this room is an intimate place where craftsmanship meets your unique creativity.

The Sneakers Master Workshop

Our value of craftsmanship, always at the center. Housing our iconic Archive Super-Star and Golden Boots, this space is a unique place, echoing the atmosphere of a handicraft workshop. A tribute to our creed, to the importance of preserving ancient forms of art.

LAB & Co-Creation

Our signature artisanal heritage gives life to exclusive co-creation experiences. Here, you can write your own story on one-of-a-kind items with the support of skilled artisans, translating your dreams and desires into special and even more unique creations.

Dream Wall

When the co-creation process reaches the next level.

In the Golden Room, create with us using the Dream Wall, a new interactive station featuring a 98-inch screen.

Like a blank canvas, here you have the chance to digitally conceive your one-of-a-kind items, choosing from a wide range of embellishments and handwritten messages before turning them into real 1OF1 pieces together with our artisans.

Your Story, Our Story

A brand new way to make us become part of your younique story.

A brand-new tool with which to tell us about yourself and become part of Golden TV.

Next to the LAB space, we have installed the Your Story, Our Story recording station with a LED screen as a backdrop.

Choose a topic and start recording your videos. Let's Golden.

Come dive into the Future: we're waiting for you.