pass it on

A timeless piece, created to be passed on from generation to generation. A design that stays true to our values: craftsmanship, passion and authenticity.

dad star

Pass it on.

After all, memories are happier when shared.


In the attic, hidden among dusty objects, a father rediscovers his favorite sneakers. And with a smile that lights up his face, he gives them to his daughter: and with them, also the memories of a lifetime.

Stories of Dad-Star


The family vocation that ties father and daughter together, making them close to each other even when far away. As told by Braina, who has a very special way to connect with her beloved dad.

dad star

With our Dad-Star sneakers, we have written a new chapter of craftsmanship, recreating the vintage effect and emotions of a sneaker handed down from generation to generation. Like the detail of the sole, which calls back to the idea of ​​hanging sneakers in the sunlight to get that typical yellowed tone. Together with the pronounced distressed finish, these treatments make the Dad-Star a unique sneaker with a soul full of stories.


A special gift received when you were just a child, a present that has the power to direct your path and make you discover your true self. As told by Max, whose uncles and dad inspired him to continue the family artistic tradition.

dad star gold

The Previous


Some values and talents can only be passed on by the people closest to you, who teach you about the best things in life, gathering experiences and milestones, memories and features. Discover Charlotte and Stevan's stories and what has been passed on to them.